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“What if there was a simple philosophy and system that could ensure your practice success? The JWA Team is here to deliver an incredible consulting experience, help input the systems you need to improve your production and collections, as well as provide resources and coaching to develop your staff into a great team. We will use our decades of pediatric dental experience to help create your dream practice.”

- The JWA Team

Dental Consulting

The JWA Team delivers an incredible consulting experience, optimizes your management systems, delivers effortless financial analysis, and boosts new patient numbers, referrals, and collections through modern dental marketing. Whether you are starting a new practice or planning your legacy, we will support you to create your dream practice.

Staff Training

Central to every office’s success is the performance of their front desk team and managers. We have created a training system to help the front desk team and managers drastically impact production and collections of the practice by 10% or more. We will help evaluate your current systems and procedures and show you where we can make adjustments in six benchmark areas.


Our team equips dentists to succeed through strategy, systems, and coaching. Become the first choice dentist in your area! Take the guesswork out of marketing, leverage the web to support internal marketing, and show up where your ideal clients are searching. Even busy offices can understand their online reputation, reduce patient depletion, and inspire more ideal patient referrals.


Frustrated by paperwork, hiring headaches, and unproductive meetings? Take your practice to the next level simply, using the efficient, cost-effective tools produced from decades of experience. Reduce stress, boost staff productivity and harmony, and make the day-to-day business smooth and predictable. Tools for employee compensation, verbal skills, hiring, and more!